Shimura’s perspective

We spin silk threads,We dye the threads with natural dye made from plants,We put the threads on a loom and weave them together.

The work of us, Fukumi Shimura, Yoko Shimura and the workers at Tsuki Atelier may be similar to the work of female weavers in ancient times when the nature and gods were  unified.
Even though time changes drastically, the substances of the life which the star called ‘’Earth’ provides us with has not changed.
We work engaging closely with those substances, putting them into words and wishing to discover new beauty and vitality in textiles.


Our work begins with dyeing.
Dyeing consists of the use of these three baspects, animals, plants, band minerals.
Threads are made out of bombic cocoons. Colours are from plants.
The mordant which settles the colour on the thread has minerals in it.


The life of our textiles depends on colours which are the bounty of the earth. Colours start telling stories as we deepen them and searching for the best combinations of them.
Our wish is to weave those various stories into one common dream.


You can feel the fresh fullness on our pongee.
This fullness gives you the feeling of natural vitality.
This is the proof that threads ( animal ) and colours ( plant) still carry the vitality
of the earth even after it is transformed into a costume called ‘ kimono ‘.

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