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Regular course of the year 2015 1 year- course or 2 year- course

About Regular Course Curriculum

In this course, students will learn the basic technique of Ars Shimura’s dying and weaving and also its work concept, and dye thread with plants (using raw silk and axoneme), weave the threads, and partially make up a kimono. In the 1year-course, students will learn the basic skills, and learn the process of making kimono by weaving an ‘OBI (kimono belt) and a Kimono. In the 2 year-course, students will focus on having a wider perspective in their designs and techniques in order to learn dying and weaving more profoundly. As a course completion work, they will design a Kimono independently and make one. Each student will have a loom to use and the fabric they make will be theirs. They will make the fabric into a Kimono and an Obi (Kimono belt) and wear them at the graduation ceremony.

Quota of Students :
26students(1 year-course 12students, 2 year-course 14students)
Class Schedule :
Monday to Thursday 10:00 ~ 12:00 / 13:00 ~ 16:00

1 year course curriculum

First Term

Basic 1 Making Obi (Kimono belt)

We will pick up spring plants near the school and dye threads with them. (Vetch, Wormwood, etc.) First, you consider the colour scheme, then you warp warping yarn and put the warping yarn on a loom and weave weft with the warping yarn. You will learn the process of warping to weaving.

Second Term

Basic 2 Making Kimono

You will design a Kimono and make it following the one to one instruction by Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura. You will learn the techniques of producing fringe patterns, weft ikat and slit weaving techniques.

2 year course curriculum

First Term

Applied Techniques Making Obi 1

You will weave an Obi following the instructions in given assignments. Your instructor will give assignment to each one of you evaluating the progress you made in the first year of the course.

Applied Technique 2 Making Obi 2

You will weave an obi using the technique of warp ikat.

Second Term

Making Kimono as a course completion work

As the fruit of your 2 year study, you will produce a Kimono independently.

Collaboration Production of Moon Mandala

You will produce a mandala with other students and donate it to the school.

The course contents common to both courses

  • You will receive lectures by Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura several times a month.
  • You receive lectures on techniques of enhancing your imagination and knowledge on Kimono by special lecturers about once a month.
  • At the end of first and second terms, you will be given an evaluation as a group of students, and you will have a graduation exhibition at the end of the each year.
  • Off campus learning class 【2013, 2014 results】
    Visited museums ・・・ Hosomi Museum, Asahi Beer Ohyamazaki Villa Museum of Art
    Excursion ・・・ Nara in Autumn
    Training Camp ・・・ Mt. Koya
    Seasonal Event ・・・ January / Feast of the Seven Herbs of Health

Preparatory Course of the year 2015 First Term (April to September) Second Term ( October to February)

Curriculum of Preparatory Course

You will learn the basic technique of Ars Shimura’s dying and weaving and perspectives experientially. You can enjoy dying threads with plants and weaving them. You can experience dying and weaving readily. You will have classes twice a week in this course. Each student will receive a small sized loom to use. The works you make will be yours.

Quota of Students :
10 for each class
Friday course (19classes)
Saturday course (19classes)
Course Duration :
Half a year
Class Schedule :
Fri 10:00〜12:00 / 13:00〜15:00
Sat 10:00〜12:00 / 13:00〜15:00

Curriculum of Preparatory Course

A course (19 classes)

Free Production

You will dye threads with the typical plant dye which Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura use for their work.

Warping Experience

You will learn the process of preparing warps, from warping to beaming, as a group of a few people.

Lectures and Classes

  • You will receive lectures by Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura approximately once a month.
  • You can attend classes taught by special instructors. ( extra fee will be charged)
  • You will be given an evaluation as a group of students

Ars Shimura

Ars Shimura
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