Information for Hina Doll’s exhibition by Fukumi Shimura

Schedule  Mon, 3rd, March ~ Fri, 14th, March ( open everyday ) 11:00 ~18:00

Venue Aso Bijutsu ( Aso Art )


Fukumi Shimura Exhibition

Mon, 3rd, March, 2014 ~ Fri, 14th, March, 2014

11:00am ~ 18:00pm (Open everyday)

At Aso Bijutsu ( Aso Art )


Hinagata ( Hina Dolls’ exhibition )

It seems that Hinagata ( Hina Doll shaped cutouts )  originates from ‘Katashiro’, cutouts shaped like human bodies used in incantations in ancient times.

Hinagata represents ‘ small items’ , ‘ cute little things ’and they have been loved by many people.

The form, ‘ Hinagata ’is the most Japanese-like representation which has been refined by the long history, tradition, and time.

I have come to think about expressing myself by placing clothes in molds.

I am sincerely looking forward to your visits.

Fukumi Shimura


Fukumi Shimura’s 90th birthday anniversary exhibition ( Tokyo )- ‘Colour’calendar of Kyoto –

 Colour calendar of Kyoto – Fukumi Shimura’s 90th birthday anniversary exhibition-


I have received this opportunity to have an exhibition of my works in Asakusa which possesses the rich fragrance of Edo culture.

I had been deeply longing to enjoy the atmosphere of Asakusa once, but I had not had the opportunity until today. I am so happy that I am unexpectedly given this opportunity to have close contact with this culture of chicness. In every season I have received immeasurable benefits from plants by their colours and I have made kimonos to express a part of this benefit as a colour calendar.

I would be delightful if I could convey the taste from Sagano, Kyoto in some way.

I am looking forward to your visits.

On a fine day, February, Fukumi Shimura



【Schedule】 Fri, 21st, Feb 10:00am ~ 17:30pm

           Sat, 22nd, Feb 10:00am ~ 18:00pm

           Sun, 23rd, Feb 10:00am ~ 17:00pm


*Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

*Sushiya Street

*Orange Street

*Kaminarimon Gate

*Kokusai Street

*Korean Barbecue Restaurant

*Tea Ceremony Cottage, ‘Ichimatsu’

*Hotel Sunroute Asakusa

*Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station


*Asakusa Street

■3minutes walk from subway Ginza line Tawaramachi Station ■5minutes walk from Toei Askusa line Asakusa Station ■5minutes walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

The exhibition of Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura’s works at ‘Tea Ceremony Cottage, Ichimatsu’ which is located in a tranquil space away from the din and bustle of the city. The exhibition takes place in this tea ceremony cottage, which was built in a Japanese traditional technique of architecture, with a refined and elegant garden.