Fukumi Shimura’s 90th birthday anniversary exhibition ( Tokyo )- ‘Colour’calendar of Kyoto –

 Colour calendar of Kyoto – Fukumi Shimura’s 90th birthday anniversary exhibition-


I have received this opportunity to have an exhibition of my works in Asakusa which possesses the rich fragrance of Edo culture.

I had been deeply longing to enjoy the atmosphere of Asakusa once, but I had not had the opportunity until today. I am so happy that I am unexpectedly given this opportunity to have close contact with this culture of chicness. In every season I have received immeasurable benefits from plants by their colours and I have made kimonos to express a part of this benefit as a colour calendar.

I would be delightful if I could convey the taste from Sagano, Kyoto in some way.

I am looking forward to your visits.

On a fine day, February, Fukumi Shimura



【Schedule】 Fri, 21st, Feb 10:00am ~ 17:30pm

           Sat, 22nd, Feb 10:00am ~ 18:00pm

           Sun, 23rd, Feb 10:00am ~ 17:00pm


*Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

*Sushiya Street

*Orange Street

*Kaminarimon Gate

*Kokusai Street

*Korean Barbecue Restaurant

*Tea Ceremony Cottage, ‘Ichimatsu’

*Hotel Sunroute Asakusa

*Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station


*Asakusa Street

■3minutes walk from subway Ginza line Tawaramachi Station ■5minutes walk from Toei Askusa line Asakusa Station ■5minutes walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

The exhibition of Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura’s works at ‘Tea Ceremony Cottage, Ichimatsu’ which is located in a tranquil space away from the din and bustle of the city. The exhibition takes place in this tea ceremony cottage, which was built in a Japanese traditional technique of architecture, with a refined and elegant garden.


Information on Ars Shimura ( Regular Course Students ) Graduation Work Exhibition

Ars Shimura regular course graduates of 20xx graduation work exhibition

~Weaving each one’s present moment~

Wed, 22nd, Jan, 2014 ~ Sun, 26th, Jan, 2014

10:00am – 17:00pm ( close at 16:00pm on the last day )



Porte De Okazaki,

140 Enshouji-cho, Okazaki,

Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-City

Zip Code: 606-8344





“Beautiful textiles are in your heart” Fukumi Shimura

“Blue is born from indigo and blue is bluer than indigo” Yoko Shimura

We have completed beautiful works.

Please visit us to see them.


Notification of second application period for ARS SHIMURA students of 2014

We offer a second application period for ARS SHIMURA students in 2014.( closed )

Number to be accepted:  3



Please inform us of the following.


1. Please write down that you wish to join the course in the column


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Fri, 11th, Jan, 2014

Ars Shimura Office